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Nadia   junho 30th, 2017   Appearances & Events Conventions

nathaniel buzolic nathaniel buzolic nathaniel buzolic nathaniel buzolic

admin   novembro 3rd, 2014   Conventions Videos

Here is another interview that Nate did at Ring Con 14 in Bonn, but this time with the reporter Parviz Khosrawi.


admin   novembro 1st, 2014   Conventions Videos The Originals

The interviewer speaks in German and asks a few questions. We will post them translated and in order so you are able to understand everything. 1. How do the German fans react to your presence?  2. Did you see a little bit of Bonn? 3. How is it now that Kol is back in season 2 of The Originals?  4. What do you like about Kol? 5. Is there is a dream character you would love to play? 6. If you had the option, who would you like to play in Game of Thrones? And after this question he talks about his character David Lassiter, Supernatural Bloodlines and the possibility of a come back for the spin off.

admin   outubro 20th, 2014   Conventions

Here’s a video with some of the highlights from Nate and Sebastian Roché’s (Mikael) panel at Ring Con 14. Check it out, I promise you won’t stop laughing!

Thanks to Parviz Khosrawi.

admin   outubro 20th, 2014   Appearances & Events Conventions Gallery

We updated the gallery with some pictures from Nate at Ring Con. Check them out.

Thanks to Giulia Buffa for donating her pics, also thanks to everyone else for taking some great shots. If you also want to donate your pics to our gallery, don’t hesitate and contact us, full credit will always be given.

nathaniel buzolic nathaniel buzolic nathaniel buzolic nathaniel buzolic

admin   outubro 19th, 2014   Conventions

Nate is in Bonn, Germany this weekend to attend Ring Con 14. The first day he appeared at the opening ceremony, on day two he had an individual panel. Here’s some information we could find about it.

-He said he is team Stelena because he roots for the nice guy and doesn’t like blue eyes.
Must be joking, we all know he loves Ian’s eyes!
-Nate is obsessed with Gandalf. And a Gandalf cosplay ended up appearing on stage!
-“I’d wrap Gandalf in his staff, bend not break it, wrap it around his body, and hit him in the face with a spoon!” -Nate.
-Nate auditioned for the role of Kristoff (Frozen) in Once Upon A Time. He obviously didn’t get the role.
Little Spoiler: Nate spilled the beans. There will be another Kol flashback in The Originals.
-Nate also hopes to be in more flashbacks, he really enjoys them.
-Nate talked about the Kol web series, but he didn’t say much. It will begin airing in about 4 weeks. (Also thanks to Carina MacKenzie)

If we find more information and also pics, we will post them.

If you took pictures and you want to donate them to our gallery, we will credit you, drop us a line.

admin   agosto 8th, 2014   Conventions Videos

The company responsible of BloodyNightCon & BloodyNightCon Europe interviewed Nate this year at one of their conventions. Here’s the video.

admin   junho 21st, 2014   Conventions Videos

Here’s a video of some moments from the Alpha Con that was held in Vienna (6-8 June). You can see Nate a few times in it.

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