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admin   May 25th, 2017   Articles/Interviews The Originals

Klaus (Joseph Morgan) wants Kol’s (guest star Nathaniel Buzolic) help to defeat the powerful Hollow in the upcoming episode of “The Originals.

In the episode titled “Phantomesque,” the synopsis (according to CarterMatt) reveals that Klaus will ask his prodigal brother to return to New Orleans to help the family take down one of the most powerful enemies they have ever faced. It is not only Kol whom Klaus will summon home. Rebekah (guest star Claire Holt) will also get an invitation. Now that Elijah (Daniel Gillies) is gone, the Mikaelsons must stick together. Klaus expect his siblings to fight alongside him, but he must be wary of Kol.

The vampire is still mourning the loss of his girlfriend, Davina (guest star Danielle Campbell). The Mikaelsons killed her. Kol has yet to accept the fact that he was the reason why she died. His return to New Orleans will force him to face his feelings and consider how far he will go to meet her again. He may be so distracted that he will fail to be of assistance to Klaus. Kol may even plan his brother’s execution. After all, it was Klaus who ended Davina’s life.

Meanwhile, the promo shows Freya (Riley Voelkel) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) teaming up for a dangerous mission. The witch thinks she has a way to bring back Elijah. A spell will send Hayley in a death-defying search for her lover’s soul. In the clip, the werewolf wakes up in a different world. Everything is while, except for a mysterious door. Freya’s voice warns her that she will find Elijah there, but he may not be the same vampire she knows and loves. True enough, a trick of light shows the Elijah of the Middle Ages. His hair is longer and unkempt. Will Hayley be able to bring him back?

“The Originals” season 4 episode 10 will air on Friday, June 2 at 8 p.m. EDT on the CW.

Source: The Christian Post

admin   March 6th, 2016   Articles/Interviews The Originals

Kol Mikaelson is finally back — in the flesh! — on Friday’s The Originals (The CW, 9/8c), and I’m pretty sure Nathaniel Buzolic speaks for the entire fandom when he tells TVLine, “It’s been a long time coming.”

Like most of us, Buzolic was never really sure if we’d ever see Kol back in his original body, but there’s one thing he never doubted: “The fans of The Originals and The Vampire Diaries have been so passionate about wanting my character back in his natural body — or his real body, I should say. It’s been so flattering for me.”
Below, Buzolic previews Kol’s new lease on life, his future with Davina and how he pays tribute to Daniel Sharman’s take on the character:

Kol is such a fun character. What did you miss most about him while you two were apart?
I love how different he is from the other Originals; his cheekiness is an important part of the family dynamic. Every family has the black sheep — the cheeky, naughty kid that always has something to say. It’s fun playing that character because he’s unpredictable in every situation.

I feel like he’s the most relatable Mikaelson sibling.
Yeah, exactly. He’s the naughty, cheeky kid we all want to be, even if we’re not always brave enough to commit to the actions.

What would you say his priorities are now that he’s back among the living?
First of all, he’s very much indebted to Davina for not giving up on him. She’s the only character who really committed to bring him back; you’d think his brothers and sisters would have helped, but I guess they got distracted. It’s really the first time someone has put him first in a loving way, so everything falls on his love and respect for Davina.

I’d love to see Kol and Davina go on some nice, quiet dates — but I feel like things will be too hectic for that to happen.

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admin   March 6th, 2016   Articles/Interviews The Originals

Kol is back!

At the end of last week’s super plot-twisty episode of “The Originals,” Nathaniel Buzolic’s character was brought back to (undead) life in New Orleans by his powerful witch girlfriend, Davina (Danielle Campbell). But while she was delighted to see her beau again, the reunited couple now faces a lot of challenges. Davina hasn’t spent much time around Kol in his birth body (Daniel Sharman played the witch Kol was body jumped into last season when their romance began), she just broke Klaus’ sireline and the ancient hybrid is not pleased, and then, there’s also the added trouble that comes with Kol simply being a Mikaelson.

To get down to the bottom of all things headed our way on “The Originals,” Access Hollywood hopped on the phone with Nathaniel, whose enthusiasm over being back, and for the drama on the way, is infectious.

“It’s really nice to come back and I think the audience is absolutely going to love what we’ve been working on, so I’m super excited for [Friday’s] episode,” Nathaniel told Access on Thursday afternoon. “I’ve been waiting for this for a little while, so I’m just like, ‘Yeahhhhhh! It’s finally here!’”

You’ve got to [clarify for me] what Kol is, supernaturally speaking, when he comes back. Is he a witch, is he a vampire, is he a bit of both, is he something else?
He’s a vampire. He’s back in his original body as he died on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ – minus the bad haircut. So yeah, he’s definitely a vampire and I think that’s one of the biggest challenges Davina is going to have to sort of work on, particularly in the next episode. It’s almost like a blind date again in some ways, because this is first time he’s come back and she’s like, ‘Hey, I’m used to this other guy, who is a very attractive guy with curly locks, and blue-y eyes and now he’s got dark eyes, and you’re very cheeky and mysterious and you also like sucking on people’s necks.’ So, it’s interesting. It’s like a Tinder date that she’s gone on. She’s like, ‘That was great. First date was awesome. Second date, different guy. You don’t look like your profile picture anymore.’

So funny. But then, you do think how you arrived [back on the side of the living last week], which was shirtless, so maybe Davina is cool with that because I don’t [recall] if they had a shirtless scene for Daniel Sharman.
Yeah, look, no offense Daniel Sharman, but I think if it became a competition who got their top off, I’d like to think I would win.

You’re cracking me up!

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admin   March 6th, 2016   Articles/Interviews The Originals

Kol Michaelson (Nathaniel Buzolic) rejoined the world of living vampires at the end of last Friday’s The Originals, much to the delight of Davina (Danielle Campbell) and the fans who petitioned to see him again.

While a Mikaelson family reunion is always something to look forward to, it also comes with complications. Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) were just starting to make headway in predicting how the prophecy fortelling their deaths would unfold, but adding another family member to the mix is like adding another 100 pieces to the puzzles. It only enlarges the list of friends and foes that would want one of the original vampires dead.

That’s a rough situation to return to, especially when all you want to do is spend some time with the love of your life that brought you back from the dead in the first place. Buzolic tells TVGuide.com what Kol is thinking now that he’s back and what fans can expect from the “complicated” reunions with his family and Davina.

How has being dead for so long changed Kol?
You give someone a second chance at life and they aren’t going to take it for granted, particularly when you’ve been gone for so long. Definitely, for the character it’s one of those situations where now that he’s alive he definitely doesn’t want to die again.

What are Kol’s allegiances now that he’s back? Is he ready and willing to rejoin the Mikaelson fold?
The one thing that’s most important to [Kol] is the person that brought him back. His number one priority is Davina. There’s a really great little love story there. It’s almost like Romeo and Juliet-esque, only if Juliet could bring Romeo back from the dead. That’s such a bond between these two characters that will be very difficult to break.

So are they stronger than ever or is it more complicated than that?
Anything to do with the Mikaelsons is a difficult situation. Unfortunately, they don’t live in a perfect world. They live in a very twisted and broken world. There are some challenges both of them will have to face. Obviously, Davina had become accustomed to the Kol that was in a witch’s body. Now that he’s a vampire again it comes with different weaknesses.

Kol tried to warn Davina about working with the Strix. Will there still be reprecussions to her working with them to bring him back?
What you reap is what you sow. There will definitely be consequences to come. Every time [Kol] has warned someone, whether it be on The Vampire Diaries or The Orignals, something bad tends to happen. It’s going to be one of those times where you’re like “Well, you probably should have listened to Kol, everybody.”

How will Kol’s arrival complicate evading the prophecy?
It puts everyone in question, and it asks the question, “Who did the Mikaelsons get on the wrong side of? Who is an enemy and a force to be reckoned with?” They have this mystery presence of the prophecy. It’s definitely going to be an interesting few episodes ahead and the audience is really, really going to respond to it. There’s a love story unfolding among all of the chaos.

What are you most excited about now that Kol is actually alive instead of a spirit or a vision?
It’s just great that the fans got what they wanted. I know they’ve been petitioning to bring this character back, which has been so flattering. I hope they love what we’ve been working on. The next episode is a really beautiful episode that shows Kol in a completely different light. Daniel Sharman did such a good job playing the character as a witch, but now it’s time to show the Kol Mikaelson they all loved as a vampire and how he navigates through being a vampire again and also being in love with a girl. He’s also got to deal with the complicated issues of being a Mikaelson.

Source: TV Guide

admin   January 30th, 2016   Articles/Interviews The Originals

The CW’s hit supernatural drama TV series “The Originals” is finally returning to the airwaves for the second half of Season 3 and fans are already looking forward for the events that are about to happen to their favorite characters.

According to the synopsis shared over at The Futon Critic for the episode titled “A Ghost Along the Mississippi,” Klaus (Joseph Morgan), who was lost after the demise of Cami (Leah Pipes) during the first half of the season, will become even more desperate to get his revenge on Aurora (guest star Rebecca Breeds) and Tristan (guest star Oliver Auckland).

In another development, Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) will be forced to use his magic after getting back his position as Regent to the witches of New Orleans. Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons), on their part, will fear for their lives as Tristan’s plans slowly become a realization.

But the newcomer is yet to face the wrath of the Mikaelsons. As further revealed by TFC, Klaus, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Freya (Riley Voekel) will join forces to take down Tristan after they have learned that the latter is in possession of a powerful weapon that is capable of wiping out their clan. Fans better brace for a “tense showdown with the Strix” in the upcoming episode.

Meanwhile, co-executive producer Michael Narducci recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Kol Mikaelson will return in Season 3B. The EP explained to the media outlet that it would be Davina (Danielle Campbell) who will be responsible for the resurrection of the said character.

“In order to reach out to him, she’ll have to embark on a dangerous journey into New Orleans’ supernatural underworld. This will be the first chapter in a storyline that will have long-lasting effects on the entire Mikaelson clan,” Narducci said to EW.

However, it is yet to be discovered which Kol will the fans see again. Could it be the vampire (played by Nathaniel Buzolic) or the witch (Daniel Sharman)?

Source: Christian Post

admin   August 4th, 2015   Articles/Interviews Significant Mother

In the new interview with Collider, Nathaniel discusses his new show Significant Mother, that premiered last night. He reveals why he was hesitant to do comedy, how empowering it is to play a character that’s not self-conscious, why Jimmy and Nate’s friendship works, and why understanding comedy is an important skill set for an actor to have. He also talked about how he’d love to revisit his role as Kol, how grateful he is that fans love the character so much, and being just a little bit jealous about seeing another actor embody Kol last season.

Collider: How did this come about? Had you been looking to do something funny?
For a long time, I actually said to my agents and my managers, “I don’t do comedy. I just don’t do it.” I never really felt like it was something that I was very good at, or was one of my strengths. And I did a lot of theater when I was a kid, and you would do comical things, but when I came over to the States, it was always about drama. I love drama. My passion is drama. It always has been. I love telling those sorts of stories. But, I got sent this audition and I was in a place where I just wanted to get back into some rooms to audition and work on my audition skills. I know that I’m not really overly comfortable with comedy, so I thought it would be a good challenge for myself, just to get into the room and do something different, more for the experience and as an exercise for myself. So, when I got a callback, I was a little surprised. And then, when I was testing for it, I was even more surprised. I thought, “Have they not seen many people? All of a sudden, have the 24- to 26-year-old males in L.A. become unfunny or something?” When I got the job, I was really, really, really surprised. It’s actually been a really, really great experience for me. It’s definitely challenging and it’s definitely something that I have to work on. I probably got more and more comfortable, as the season went on. It’s very different from Australian comedy. We have a very dry sense of humor. I would have to go to the writers and the director of our show and say, “I don’t get this. Can you explain the humor in this?” A lot of the stuff was very American. My character is American, I’m doing an American accent, and a lot of the humor is American stuff that I don’t know about because I didn’t grow up in this culture. So, there were a few moments in the script that I had to get clarification. I was doing a lot of Googling.

This is a very different character from your previous character on The CW, Kol Mikaelson (from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals), who was a lot darker and more tortured than this character is. Is it fun to play someone like Jimmy, who is so different, so much lighter, and really doesn’t seem to care what other people think of him?
It’s actually quite empowering. It’s a cool thing. I found that I love playing that. I was in a very self-conscious position. I was obviously, a lot of the time on set, in my underwear. Playing this character of Jimmy, who is just like, “This is the situation, this is who I am, and I’m completely open and cool with that,” allowed me to be more comfortable with myself. I was on set having these deep and meaningful conversations with people on the crew, and I was just in my underwear, but I forgot about it because I got comfortable. Sometimes before takes, I would do some push-ups or something to look the best I could on camera, but I really just forgot about it. Everyone was looking at me and I probably looked really douchey because I got comfortable with that. I think that’s a cool lesson in life. As a society, we’re very, very self-conscious and are always worried about what people think. We have to watch what we say, how we act and how we behave. So often, we have to censor ourselves. It’s an empowering thing when it’s just like, “This is who I am, and I’m very comfortable with myself.” That’s one of the things I love about this character, and it was fun to explore that and how that interacts with the other characters.

How do you view Jimmy? Do you think he genuinely means well?
I think it’s a thing where some people look at the cup as half full, some people look at the cap as half empty, and Jimmy looks at the cup and says, “Cool, this is what I’ve got and that’s great.” I think he tries to make the best of any situation. There’s always something he can do or say to fix it. His mentality is that there’s always a solution, and he thinks it will be fun and fix it. He’s a bit like a dog chasing its tail, but he means well. I think he is a very genuine character. He doesn’t look at the situation like, “This could be bad for me.” He thinks it could be good for everybody. He’s optimistic.

Full interview can be read here.

admin   July 28th, 2015   Articles/Interviews The Originals

In addition to starring in the new comedy Significant Mother — a clothing-optional environment, to say the least — Buzolic will soon make his long-awaited return to The Originals, a fact executive producer Julie Plec revealed during the show’s panel at Comic-Con earlier this month.

Though Buzolic has yet to make the trek back to “New Orleans,” he tells TVLine he’s excited to continue exploring the fan-favorite character.

“From what I understand, this is going to be a flashback-heavy season, which is cool, because it means there’s more opportunity for Kol to come back and you can see more of him,” he says.

Buzolic says he’s always blown away by the support he receives from fans on social media, asking when they can expect to see him as Kol again.

“I made it clear when I signed on to Significant Mother that I wanted to also be available for The Originals if the opportunity came up,” he says. “I’m incredibly grateful to Julie Plec for giving me that opportunity; being a part of that show has been a life-changing experience for me. I’ll always have a soft spot for that character.”

Source TVLine

Are you ready for some Kol flashbacks? And will you be tuning in to the premiere of Significant Mother Aug. 3? It’s getting closer!

admin   June 27th, 2015   Articles/Interviews Significant Mother

Nathaniel Buzolic returns to The CW this summer in the new comedy series Significant Mother, but don’t expect to see the former Vampire Diaries actor donning his traditional Mikaelson duds. In fact, don’t expect him to be donning much at all.

In the new key art for Significant Mother, obtained exclusively by TVLine, Buzolic’s Jimmy strips down to his skivvies for an awkward group photo with The L.A. Complex‘s Krista Allen (playing Jimmy’s girlfriend Lydia) and 90210‘s Josh Zuckerman (playing Jimmy’s best friend… and Lydia’s son).

As TVLine exclusively reported, Denise Richards will guest-star in the freshman comedy, playing “notorious cougar” Pepper Spinner, who takes a particular liking to Nate.

Significant Mother premieres Aug. 3 at 9:30/8:30c. Will you be tuning in?


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